The Quadrant is a stand-alone shopping centre situated in the heart of Romford which boasts a range of independent businesses, providing an array of goods and services to the local community and beyond. Designed and built by William Goodchild between 1934 and 1935, The Quadrant is of classic Art Deco design, highlighting a period of Romford’s history in which the town was a significant shopping hub in the South East of England.

Sadly, The Quadrant had been neglected for years resulting in a 50% unit vacancy rate in 2014. We saw the potential in the centre and approached the landlords, The Winston Group, devising a strategy that included rebranding, tenant support, creative residencies, online marketing, partnerships, physical building changes and a creative pop-up business scheme.

Now into the second year of the regeneration programme, unit occupancy has risen to 95% and all rebranding has been implemented, creating a bright and inviting shopping environment. Through the creative pop-up business scheme and some gritted determination we diversified the tenant mix, attracting a broader cross section of consumers to The Quadrant and in turn increasing spend and dwell time.

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