In 2016, Made Public made history in the London Borough of Havering by successfully commissioning and installing 4 large-scale murals in and around the town centre.

Starting out life as a competition, we invited the public to send in their designs with the 4 winners being replicated into murals on the high street. After negotiating with local landlords and business owners we secured 4 prime locations for the murals, working with internationally renowned company Graffiti Life to ensure the designs were replicated to the highest standard. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t met by some resistance, with one major concern being that our beautiful, painstakingly painted murals would encourage vandalism. Nearly a year later, our two street level murals remain pristine and truly loved by the community.

Installation of these was completed in April 2016, with the new artworks proving so popular it seemed natural, to continue on our crusade to make Romford a painted town. Supported by the GLA, we embarked on a Spacehive crowd-funding campaign, raising over £27,000 for phase 2 of Colour in Romford.

Installation of phase 2 is set for completion in April 2017, with artists such as Ben Eine, Lucy Tiffney, Art & Believe, DZIA and Expanded Eye all on board. These artists will be working directly with students from local colleges to create the basis of the mural artwork, giving Havering’s young residents a voice and a say.

Brennan and Burch
Anika Manuel 4
Hot desking 8
Downstairs 4

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