Long term venues that place culture at the heart of operations are a fundamental part of what Things Made Public do.

We have ran multi-purpose venues such as The Retailery which combined cultural events and business all under one roof, supported local artists to build their own artists studios, and even managed a 26 unit shopping arcade in the heart of Romford town.

Throughout all of these we have placed cultural and creative activity at the core, building spaces that the communities we work with can be proud of.


Designed and built by William Goodchild between 1934 and 1935, The Quadrant is an Art Deco shopping arcade, built in a period of Romford’s history in which the town was a significant shopping hub in the South East of England.

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The Retailery

Made possible with funding from the Mayor of London High Street Fund, The Retailery was an ever evolving space that put the community first. It gave local performers and artists a platform from which to showcase their talents, residents a place to socialise and unwind whilst entrepreneurs had a safe space to build their enterprises….

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