Meanwhile Use

At Things Made Public we know that ‘white cube’ space can be very intimidating and often the very door of a cultural space acts as an impenetrable barrier to many.

Currently high streets up and down the country are awash with ‘to let’ signs and units which were once alive with trade and commerce now sit empty and dark. It is these units that we utilise in order to bring cultural activity to people whilst they are shopping and socialising. Clever eh?

Not only is this a cost neutral way of bringing culture to the communities that we work with but also reanimates dead spaces in the towns in which we live and work acting as a catalyst for change and regeneration.

Brewery Fringe

We believe that culture should be accessible to everyone regardless of income, race gender, mobility or location. The Brewery Fringe, brought culture to the doorsteps of local residents and animated a dead space with a dynamic programme of pop-up cultural activity that everyone could enjoy. It showcased local performers including Rebecca Amissah, Michelle Payne, Jelly…

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Culture Club

The project primarily focused in and around the vicinity of East Square, Basildon and acted as a testbed for future placemaking and cultural content, whilst providing a platform to local creatives as well as those from further afield. Through a series of interventions, that included indoor and outdoor cultural activity, street art, workshops, consultation, meanwhile…

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