In July 2014, Made Public worked in cooperation with the Exchange Ilford Shopping Centre, London to host Lahore Chandigarh, an international photographic exhibition. Funded by the Arts Council, the exhibition showcased a collection of 200 black and white photos by UK artist William Titley. The exhibition explored the cities of Lahore, India and Chandigarh, Pakistan in the context of the 1947 government partition aiming to ignite discussion surrounding these two historically connected cities.

As part of the exhibition, artist Titley wished for Lahore Chandigarh to be curated by local people, allowing the very people that would view the artwork to govern the exhibition’s story. Having toured in India, Pakistan and the USA, Made Public were extremely proud to bring the exhibition to London, incorporating the artistic responses of local Redbridge College students into a group exhibition that ran parallel to the touring show. As well as the exhibition and creative work of the students, visitors also enjoyed a range of workshops and artist talks.


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